I made from an old chest.


Tapestry room

The Croome Court tapestry room, Worcestershire, 1758–67
Designed by Robert Adams (English, 1728–1792)
Tapestry medallions after designs by François Boucher (French, Paris 1703–1770 Paris)
Tapestries and furniture covers manufactured by Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins (French, established 1662)

Victorian scrap screen at Arlington Court, Devon.

The Print Room at Uppark

The practice of sticking prints directly to the walls surrounded by decorative paper borders and other trompe l’oeil decorations seems to have originated around 1750. It may be related to the contemporary taste for decorating rooms with arrangements of Chinese prints and paintings on paper.



What the heck are print rooms??  Well. they are an early and rather grand 'form of scrap booking' where well to do home owners would paste prints of their travels over walls and screens to amuse, entertain (and brag a little) about their travels. This is an example.